City of Lewisville: Minor Housing Rehab Program
Mar 14, 2024
Elena Shehan
City of Lewisville: Minor Housing Rehab Program

Elena Shehan is the current Grants Coordinator for the City of Lewisville's Neighborhood and Inspection Services Department. Elena has been with the City in this position for 10 months, her role oversees the portion of the Community Development Block Grant funding set aside for public infrastructure improvements for the City of Lewisville.

Current public infrastructure projects for the City of Lewisville include; the design and rehab of 2 local nonprofit buildings, park equipment and design for the new Glory Park, redesign costs for a complete street on Southwest Parkway, a multifamily accessibility program, and the Minor Housing Rehabilitation Program of which she will be discussing today.

Prior to this role, she was in a supervisory role at local nonprofits focused on housing, homelessness, and domestic violence. She has worked in homelessness and housing services on city, county, and statewide levels in both Texas and Arizona and has a passion for making housing affordable, available, and accessible for all.

Minor Housing Rehab Program

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