Pathways to Promise Overview
Feb 01, 2024
Annette Miller
Pathways to Promise Overview

Annette Miller is the director of operations for Pathways to Promise, a small national nonprofit serving at the intersection of mental health and faith. The organization provides certification in our signature program called "Companionship" which teaches community members how to have a safe and supportive relationship with those in distress (such as mental illness or homelessness.) In addition, free online resources are provided to support those with mental health conditions and those who support them, as well as clergy and the public. Exciting new programs are being developed to expand the programs into a suite of 5 + 1 programs supporting mental health through prevention, treatment and recovery. Our goal is to equip communities to provide anyone, anywhere, access to mental health support.

Learn more about Annette's organization at their website:

Pathways to Promise

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