Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays!

Once again, our members took to the sidewalk to ring the bell for the Salvaion Army in Lewisville, Texas.  Faces and the sun were shining and we had a great time.
We had a great time ringing the bell at the local Sam's Club.  Our members were joyous and help spread the cheer and tithings for the season.  We were blessed with great weather and we had fun while raising money for great cause.  The funds raised through the red bucket help directly support The Salvation Army of LewisvilleThe red kettle has been a tradition of the Salvation Army since 1891.  According to a local representative from the Salvation Army, a meal provided at the "open lunch" program costs 25 cents.  So think about what $5 dollars could do to help feed a family in need this holiday season.
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