For club members, serving the needs of the community includes supporting local non-profit organizations that fill a vital role in helping those most at risk. Last week members awarded Creating Young Minds a grant in support of their mission is to teach young men about the importance of education, hard work and being humble in all aspects of life.
Our community is blessed with many non-profit agencies dedicated to serving specific needs in the community. Some are small and some are sizeable. But, all with worthy missions that require support both financially and emotionally. Creating Young Minds is one of those agencies. Our members have long supported mentorship and literacy as primary vehicles for future success among our youth. The mission of Creating Young Minds primary objective is to teach young men how to have a purpose in life, how to humble themselves, work hard, and have good character. Last week, our club was pleased to provide a grant of $500 so that they can continue their mission.
We are proud to partner with other community organizations that share our values. Our annual fundraising, such as the flag program, Breakfast with Santa and others is intended to fund our club projects such as Bikes for Perfect Attendance, Dictionaries for 3rd Graders, End Polio Now, Scholarships, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and Interact. We also like to be able to support community agencies whose missions are similar to ours including promoting peace and patriotism, supporting our low-income veterans and seniors, feeding the hungry, ending polio and other debilitating disease and of course supporting the environment, literacy and youth.
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